The heart-pounding free fall as you lean in for the first kiss. The biting feeling of ocean wind slapping your face as you accelerate, sans ceiling, down Pacific Coast Highway. The fresh heartbreak of seeing an unrequited love for the first time, in a long time. The paralyzing awe of standing under a lavender, pink and golden sunrise. The first moment of decline on your first roller coaster, which you didn’t even want to go on in the first place. The soft peacefulness of feeling the sun on your face after a long bout of rain.

I believe that these vivid, universal moments - little glimpses of sensitivity - make up the currency of our life and when our time on earth is over, the vibrancy of our experiences is the most precious thing you can accumulate. 

To communicate my work as a dancer and performer, I strive to tap into my own intimate experiences to share heightened, emotionally informed, athletically physical, intellectually engaging, and vulnerable content. I want to tell stories and craft work that ignites nostalgia, emotionality and internal dialogue for both viewer and do-er alike. 

Alongside all of the intrinsic growth, discovery and self-reflection that dance can facilitate, I believe the air around the body is equally electrified as we open our eyes outward and navigate our connections to one another. My work encompasses all of this and serves as an extended hand, small and quiet in its offering, but loud and unapologetic in it’s proclamation,

“I can’t pretend to know what you’re experiencing but this is what I have gone through. Let’s go through it together.”

photo by @zooksshoots

photo by @zooksshoots